What you need to know about Velddrif…

Velddrif is a little fishing village located on the West Cost about 90 minutes’ drive from Cape Town. If you’re a bird lover, then this is definitely the spot to visit as Velddrif is home to around 30,000 birds. There are over 350 different species of sea, river and land birds you can see in their natural habitat of which 80 species are endemic to the Cape coast. 

Visit nearby Rocherpan Nature Reserve, a coastal nature reserve where you can go birdwatching, hiking, whale watching, picnicking and much more. 


If you’re a bit of a history buff and would like to discover more about Velddrif’s rich and colourful local fishing industry, then stop by the SA Fisheries Museum.


Step off the beach and on to a yacht to spend the day sailing along the Atlantic coastline with unparalleled views of land, sea and air with Sandpiper Yacht Charters. They offer a range of charter options to suit your time and budget. So why not enjoy a sundowner on the Atlantic followed by a braai at sea.


Die Emmertjie is a cute little shop in Velddrif with a very welcoming atmosphere and you can’t help get lost in the gold mine of arts and crafts on offer. Just make sure you set a time limit, or you might just lose yourself in the lovely displays. Also on offer are delicious, fresh and tasty light meals.


The picturesque Port Owen Marina can be explored on foot or by boat. The marina is loved by bird watchers and fishing enthusiasts alike with plenty of both on offer. If you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie, the sheltered marina is ideal for a range of water sports.

The yachts in the Port Owen marina

Velddrif has so much to discover,  I wish I were there to discover more.